We offer a true global One-Stop Solutions point for sample handling processes- so you can focus on the core areas of your business.


SampleRite UK Limited

Headquartered in Elland, Yorkshire, UK, SampleRite UK offers a global sample management service from its single site operation, delivering to clients’ customers in any part of the world, within a matter of days. We manage the sampling process of a number of leading chemical manufacturers and distributors- speak to our team to see how working with SampleRite could benefit your business.


SampleRite Qingdao Ltd

In response to the demand from the chemical manufacturers in Asian region, SampleRite Qingdao Ltd was established in 2011. SampleRite Qingdao Ltd is assisting chemical companies in supplying hazardous and non hazardous samples to their customers, safely, legally and professionally both within the Asia region and worldwide markets.



Due to the high volume of samples that we send out globally, SampleRite benefits from the experience and knowledge of the best couriers to use for the product and destination in question.

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